Golden Week 2019 is Japan’s longest public holiday in recent memory. What are the

Team NAIST-Panasonic joins the Amazon Robotics Challenge 2017

Team NAIST, winners of the Airbus Shopfloor Challenge 2016, have partnered up with Panasonic to participate in the Amazon Robotics Challenge 2017, a competition about warehouse automation to be held at RoboCup in Nagoya from July 27-30. Team leader Gustavo Garcia presents the team and their robot.

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TEAM NAIST-PANASONICはアマゾンロボティクスチャレンジ2017に参加します!

Airbus Shopfloor Challenge 2016で優勝したTeam NAISTが、今回はPanasonicと共同でアマゾンロボティクスチャレンジに参加します。アマゾンロボティクスチャレンジとは7月27日から30日まで名古屋で開催されたRoboCupでの倉庫の自動化を目的としたコンペティションです。チームリーダーのGustavo Garciaさんがチームと彼らのロボットを紹介してます。

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Habataki Class: Would you like to learn Japanese?

Living in Japan is sometimes difficult without being able to sufficiently understand Japanese. Even though everything at NAIST can be achieved in English, learning some Japanese is still very important to integrate the local community and be independent outside the university. That is why there are several free options to study Japanese at and around NAIST, and one of them is the weekly Habataki Class.

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The Recycle Market 2017

Each year, the NAIST GSK Recycling Club collects household items from graduating students, and redistributes them to the incoming students that need them most. This is a big win for the graduating students, the new students, and the environment! The club hosts the yearly Recycle Market behind the school cafeteria. This year’s event was held on April 4, and I had the chance to document all the buzz around the event.

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From Philippines to NAIST: Story of an internship

Every year, several students from Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines take the opportunity to come in Nara to take a grasp of research at NAIST in particular, and life in Japan in general. This experience helps them to decide if they want to enter NAIST in the future, after their undergraduate or master’s course. We interviewed one of the interns (who prefers to remain anonymous) to know more about how the Filipino interns spend their time at NAIST.

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NAIST Kendo Club: Tradition surrounded by technology

In spite of being a Japanese graduate school, there are some extracurricular activities going on on campus. This time VSP introduces you to one of the more traditional ones, NAIST Kendo Club. Kendo, or Japanese fencing, is a martial art that literally means “the way of the sword”. Practitioners wear an armor and try to strike the opponent correctly in duel matches. It is practiced by people from all ages around the world.

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