Every year, a number of NAIST students take part in Japan TENT, a week-long homestay

NAIST Tea Time #13:フルーツとパルクール

”グローバルキャンパスイベントNAIST Tea Time”はNAIST学生とスタッフが話題を決めて紹介する定期的なイベントです。2017年7月6日に開かれたNAIST Tea Timeでは、学生とスタッフがベトナムのデザートであるChè Trái Cây「フルーツのチェー」というデザートを味わいました。



The Secret Sauce to Recycling Success

The NAIST Global Student Network (GSK) is on a mission to save the environment, and some students’ wallets along the way. The GSK reopened the Recycling Market last April 2 to 4, and we had the opportunity to have a look and a quick interview with the head of the event. Despite the many challenges, this year’s run of the Recycling Market is one of the most successful yet!

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Make the campus clean again!

What better way to get to know your peers than pulling some stubborn weeds together? A community party after pulling some stubborn weeds together! Campus Clean-Up Day is a chance to finally meet all the other NAISTers locking themselves up in their labs, all in the name of science and service! Students, faculty, and staff all come together for an afternoon of community service and camaraderie.

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TEAM NAIST-PANASONICはアマゾンロボティクスチャレンジ2017に参加します!

Airbus Shopfloor Challenge 2016で優勝したTeam NAISTが、今回はPanasonicと共同でアマゾンロボティクスチャレンジに参加します。アマゾンロボティクスチャレンジとは7月27日から30日まで名古屋で開催されたRoboCupでの倉庫の自動化を目的としたコンペティションです。チームリーダーのGustavo Garciaさんがチームと彼らのロボットを紹介してます。

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The Recycle Market 2017

Each year, the NAIST GSK Recycling Club collects household items from graduating students, and redistributes them to the incoming students that need them most. This is a big win for the graduating students, the new students, and the environment! The club hosts the yearly Recycle Market behind the school cafeteria. This year’s event was held on April 4, and I had the chance to document all the buzz around the event.

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