Airbus Shopfloor Challenge: A winning story

Felix von Drigalski, Doctoral Student at the Graduate School of Information Science and leader of Team NAIST (Dr. Gustavo Alfonso Garcia Ricardez, Lotfi El Hafi and Pedro Miguel Urigüen Eljuri), tells us about their robot design, unforeseen challenges, and working together to find a solution to prepare for the Airbus Shopfloor Challenge at ICRA 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden.

This story was originally featured on Robohub. Please follow this link to access the full original story as well as more photos and videos.

The IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2016) is the flagship robotics conference of the IEEE, and the Airbus Shopfloor Challenge was its biggest contest with a cash prize of € 20,000. It was sponsored and organized by Airbus, one of the biggest aircraft manufacturers worldwide.

Airbus invited top robotics teams from around the world to tackle a real-life manufacturing challenge with innovative solutions to solve a specific, complex task of aircraft assembly. The teams were asked to design and build an advanced lightweight robotic system able to perform accurate drilling compliant with aeronautic standards.

After two days of competition, Team NAIST from the Robotics Laboratory proudly achieved 1st Place. The jury not only praised the accuracy and performance of the proposed solution, but also its innovation and design.

Find out more about the challenge and other competing teams in the video below.

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