Summer Seminar 2016: Student interviews

On August 9, all the undergraduate students participating in the 2016 Summer Seminar gathered together to have lunch, along with some NAIST students and professors. This was the perfect chance to share experiences, and ask questions in a more relaxed atmosphere. VSP interviewed a couple of students and asked them about the event.

Ms. Tada attended the activities at the Augmented Human Communication Laboratory. She is studying biology at Nara Women’s University, but she said:

“I wanted to touch on a different topic, so I joined other friends from school and attended the information science seminar.”

Here, she had the opportunity to learn directly from NAIST lab members about voice recognition and other audio processing tasks. She feels that NAIST offers a great environment for doing research.

Mr. Ueda came from Ritsumeikan University, Biwako Campus. He attended the programming activities at the Interactive Media Design Laboratory because he wanted to know more about computer vision, which is his current research topic. By attending NAIST Summer Seminar, he got to know about many other different research topics apart from his, including those from other laboratories. He added:

“If I enter NAIST one day, I would like to study English harder so I could talk to foreign students doing research at NAIST.”

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