Life amidst COVID19

The recent happenings regarding COVID19 have changed daily life around the world. As many


Golden Week 2019 is Japan’s longest public holiday in recent memory. What are the

Change of the Academic Year

The Japanese academic year ends in March and starts in April. We followed graduating and newly entering students, and documented the Graduation and Entrance ceremonies that mark its end and beginning. March 24 marked this year’s spring graduation ceremony, as 396 students celebrate academic success. The ceremony was accompanied by musical intermissions, as all students were called … Continue Reading ››

CICP 2016: The Finals

Students participating in the Creative and International Competitiveness Project (CICP) presented their finished projects during the Spring Seminar and the Open Campus of February 24 and 25. The CICP is a yearly competition held in the Graduate School of Information Science of NAIST. Students could apply with a project in June to receive research funds, and started work in … Continue Reading ››

From Philippines to NAIST: Story of an internship

Every year, several students from Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines take the opportunity to come in Nara to take a grasp of research at NAIST in particular, and life in Japan in general. This experience helps them to decide if they want to enter NAIST in the future, after their undergraduate or master's course. We interviewed one … Continue Reading ››