The Recycle Market 2017

Each year, the NAIST GSK Recycling Club collects household items from graduating students, and redistributes them to the incoming students that need them most. This is a big win for the graduating students, the new students, and the environment! The club hosts the yearly Recycle Market behind the school cafeteria. This year’s event was held on April 4, and I had the chance to document all the buzz around the event.

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Preparation started 2 hours earlier. There was a lot of shuffling, moving, and sweating leading up to the event, as the volunteers organized the donated items as neatly as possible.


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The sheer amount of items was overwhelming, and they weren’t limited to just appliances, electronics, and furniture.

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Nonetheless, the volunteers managed to pull through, and the Recycle Market went off without a hitch! Students started flocking in at noon and the traffic held up late into the afternoon.


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Students picked out the things they needed while volunteers assisted them every step of the way. Many smiles were had and many items found a new home.

This year’s event was a big success, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the constant support of the community and volunteers. For next year’s event, you might want to drop by or even help out. You can grab a new item, or maybe grab a new friend in the process.

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In any case, the NAIST GSK Recycling Club welcomes you!


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