Nguyen Le An, Stevce Radevski and Felix von Drigalski at the 29th Japan TENT.


Every year, a number of NAIST students take part in Japan TENT, a week-long homestay

NAIST Kendo Club: Tradition surrounded by technology

In spite of being a Japanese graduate school, there are some extracurricular activities going on on campus. This time VSP introduces you to one of the more traditional ones, NAIST Kendo Club. Kendo, or Japanese fencing, is a martial art that literally means “the way of the sword”. Practitioners wear an armor and try to strike the opponent correctly in duel matches. It is practiced by people from all ages around the world.

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Job Festa 2017: Find your dream job at NAIST

On January 13, the annual Job Festa took place at NAIST in the Millennium Hall. This event is aimed to NAIST doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers who are interested in doing research for a company after graduating. The attendees could freely walk around the booths and talk with the employees of 20 different technology companies for about three hours.

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International Friendship Meeting 2017

With a student body consisting of roughly 20% international students, the NAIST campus fosters a global and vibrant culture. NAIST celebrates its diverse student body with an annual International Friendship Meeting.

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CICP 2016: Posters, presentations and workshop

NAIST students are encouraged to pursue their own research projects. One of the avenues that NAIST offers is the CICP (Creative and International Competitiveness Project), a 6-month program in which students assemble a team, apply with a proposal and independently manage research funds to realize their project. At the CICP workshop, students present their progress.

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NAIST Tea Time #12: Buko Pandan

The NAIST Tea Time is an opportunity to connect with faculty, staff and students across the whole campus. This time, guests enjoyed Buko Pandan, a traditional Filipino dessert, and played Fukuwarai, a traditional Japanese New Year’s game.

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Reuse Market: Good for students and the environment

At the annual Reuse Market, students can receive used appliances and goods donated by students who have graduated and left the university. In 2016, over 200,000 JPY (2,000 USD) worth of goods have been distributed to students on a pay-what-you-want basis. The Recycling Club recounts what goes into planning and organizing the event, and how it became what it is today.

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Open Campus Autumn 2016: NAIST Kendo Club

On November 13th NAIST carried out his Open Campus event. Unlike the one that takes place in March, this one targets kids and is full with activities and stalls where they can interact with new technologies and try a variety of interesting demos. But in the middle of all of that, there is always a moment for some physical activity. For this, NAIST Kendo Club also participated in the event, offering an exhibition of kendo equipment, videos of current tournaments and, the most popular, a kendo try-out.

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Open Campus Autumn 2016: Road traffic simulator

NAIST held Open Campus on Sunday November 13, 2016. The Mobile Computing Laboratory also contributed to this event by demonstrating the usage of a popular simulator, Simulation of Urban MObility (SUMO), which simulates road traffic.

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Campus culture: Halloween Party 2016

With a student body consisting of roughly 20% international students, the NAIST campus fosters a vibrant and diverse culture. One of the regular events organised by the students is a Halloween costume party with changing themes. This year’s party was the Silly Costume Party. Read below to find out what kind of costumes did the students came up with.

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