Golden Week 2019 is Japan’s longest public holiday in recent memory. What are the

The Secret Sauce to Recycling Success

The NAIST Global Student Network (GSK) is on a mission to save the environment, and some students’ wallets along the way. The GSK reopened the Recycling Market last April 2 to 4, and we had the opportunity to have a look and a quick interview with the head of the event. Despite the many challenges, this year’s run of the Recycling Market is one of the most successful yet!

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Takayama Science Festival & Open Campus

The Takayama Science Town Festival is held annually to promote science and educational research for Takayama-citizens of all ages. NAIST participates in this event through its own Open Campus, preparing exhibitions and demonstrations in the most fun way. Last November 12 was a crisp Autumn day, perfect for this event’s fifth-year run.

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Something wicked this way comes…

…a wickedly awesome Halloween Party that is! This November 2, people in and around NAIST came together and dressed silly for the annual Halloween Party, organized by the Global Student Network (GSK). And for the first time ever in the history of NAIST student parties, the party was held in the Millennium Hall Lounge.

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Make the campus clean again!

What better way to get to know your peers than pulling some stubborn weeds together? A community party after pulling some stubborn weeds together! Campus Clean-Up Day is a chance to finally meet all the other NAISTers locking themselves up in their labs, all in the name of science and service! Students, faculty, and staff all come together for an afternoon of community service and camaraderie.

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What’s up, Doc?

NAIST is dedicated to maintaining the physical and mental health of its population. While the on-campus Health Care Center provides services all year round, the university also conducts an annual medical checkup for all students and staff. The checkup is spread over three days for each of NAIST’s three graduate schools, covering over 1000 students. Continue reading