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On January 16th, NAIST hosted its second annual talent exhibition, a captivating showcase of diverse talents from students. The event hosted at the Millennium Hall, started at 16:30 with a warm welcome from CISS Chief Robert King, who doubled as the event’s host. Moreover, the event was not confined to the physical venue, as it was simultaneously broadcast via conference call for a wider audience.

The stage featured an array of talents, ranging from the conventional to the extraordinary, all presented by the university’s own students—both international and local. Performances spanned a spectrum of entertainment fields, including singing, dancing, drumming, martial arts, and even unique talents such as cooking and short film production. The performances were not only open to students but also their children. The diversity of showcased talents made NAIST Stage a distinctive and memorable event.

Stage fright—a common concern for performers—was addressed with thoughtful consideration. To accommodate those more comfortable in familiar settings, NAIST Stage allowed for pre-recorded video submissions in addition to live performances. The AV team, responsible for managing the event’s technical aspects, smoothly incorporated these pre-recorded videos into the live show, controlling lighting and spotlight effects with precision.

The performances weren’t merely displays of skill; they sought to encapsulate the essence of participants’ home countries, presenting their cultures in captivating ways. Audiences witnessed the successful realization of these efforts, as performers achieved their goals with pride and enthusiasm. Beyond cultural representation, some performances aimed at uplifting spirits by sharing the performers’ passions.

Before concluding the event, Mr. King invited two students to the stage for a surprise dedicated to Ms. Fujii Saori, a cherished member of the International Student Affairs Section who was about to go on a temporary transfer to another division. Days prior, Mr. Matsuzaki Takahiro, the event’s chairman, had invited students to pen heartfelt messages for Ms. Fujii. After moving speeches from the students, Mr. Matsuzaki and Mr. King presented Ms. Fujii with scrolls containing the collective sentiments of everyone she had assisted throughout the years. The heartfelt gesture brought Ms. Fujii to tears, expressing the depth of the impact she had made.

Concluding with Ms. Fujii’s response, the event officially ended. The enjoyment and satisfaction shown among participants—both performers and audiences alike—made it clear that NAIST Stage was a resounding success. Certainly,  everyone is eagerly looking forward to next year’s NAIST Stage.