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Amidst the peaceful quiet of NAIST, there are times you can hear the sounds of joyous cheers and balls bouncing on concrete. On these nights, you can trace the sound to the multipurpose outdoor court of NAIST. Upon looking, you may see several people from different countries and continents come together to enjoy a game of volleyball (and other sports). This is volleyball night and everyone is welcome here to come and join.

Established in the spring of 2022, the NAIST Sports Club has evolved into a regular weekly session of destress, rest, and relaxation. Though some would argue that playing volleyball for over 3 hours is not rest; it is definitely a much sought-after break from research and work.

What started off as a purely casual game for beginners, volleyball night has transformed into a fun competitive match between friends with moments straight out of the manga Haikyuu. At first, people didn’t even know how to receive the ball properly. A mixture of different hand gestures and positions were used to play volleyball; sometimes even feet were preferred. “It didn’t look like volleyball at the start,” says Maria from Colombia, “but eventually people started learning.” True enough, rallies became longer and matches became more intense. Despite that, funny flops and hilarious moments are still a natural occurrence. “Though we’re improving a lot, beginners are still welcome and we still make a lot of mistakes that we just laugh about.”  

Not even storms and rain can stop people from playing. On several occasions, the players would continue forth and enjoy the game under the rain. “It’s a perfect way to cool off during the summer,” says Aimé from France.

Since only one volleyball court is available and only a limited number of people can play at once, others also play various sports while waiting. You can see people playing basketball or soccer on the sidelines while waiting for their turn. Thus, even though some aren’t too good at volleyball, they can still enjoy other sports or also talk to people on the side.  

“It really brings people together,” says Kostja from Russia. At NAIST where often it becomes too quiet and isolating, volleyball night allows students to get together and have some fun. “I met my friends at NAIST because of volleyball. Despite it not being an official club, it’s the biggest and most popular one in NAIST.”

“As an internship student, volleyball club was the perfect opportunity to make friends at NAIST,” shared Berat from Turkey. “The club welcomes players regardless of their experience and everyone is always happy to share their knowledge.”

“The best decision in my entire time in Japan!” exclaimed Daniel from Germany. “Everyone here is the same, no matter where you are from, no matter what gender, no matter how good at volleyball. Having fun together is what counts.”

Indeed, no matter the season, weather, or temperature, students from all over NAIST come together to enjoy a game of volleyball and play some sports. It’s definitely one of the things people look forward to during the week.

(All NAIST members are free to join volleyball every Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm)

7 thoughts on “NAIST Sports Club”

  1. The content of the article is novel and interesting, makes reader feel very relaxed. As a member of the volleyball team, volleyball can really bring leisure time and a lot of fun to people after a hard day’s work. I also made a lot of good friends through volleyball. I enjoyed volleyball!

  2. This sports club is so welcoming for the beginners, like me. I’ve been joining since the last spring until now, absolutely the best therapy for your both physical and mental health!

  3. Great place to let it all go after a long (or short) day in the lab.
    Most are beginners in this club and yet we have so much fun every week here.
    Once someone said “rather than exercise, it’s the laugh the reason I come”.

  4. A nice way to exercise after a long day of work! I met a lot of really nice people thanks to this club and I am happy to join as often as I can !

  5. I grew up forced to play volleyball to pass my physical education classes, but I never really got the hang of it. However, this opportunity has given me another chance to rekindle an old flame (my young love for this sport) and actually enjoy it. The members of this club make it all the more fun and exciting!

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