Felix von Drigalski

Felix is a Doctoral Student of the Robotics Laboratory at NAIST. He speaks German, English, French and Japanese and has worked in France, China, Japan and Germany.

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Lotfi El Hafi

Lotfi entered the Robotics Laboratory at NAIST as a Doctoral Student sponsored by the Japanese Government under the MEXT Scholarship Program in 2014. His research focuses on corneal imaging and eye-tracking systems for daily-use applications.

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Antonio Tejero de Pablos

Antonio is a Doctoral Student of the Vision and Media Computing Laboratory at NAIST. His research interests are human action recognition and sports video summarization.

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Bryan Lao

Bryan is a Doctoral Student of the Mathematical Informatics Laboratory at NAIST. He likes to take photos.

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Umetsu Yoshinori

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Juntao Gao

Juntao Gao is now with Mobile Computing Laboratory of NAIST. His research interests are in the areas of stochastic optimization, control theory and machine learning.

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