Felix von Drigalski

Felix von Drigalski obtained his PhD from NAIST in 2018. He works as a researcher at OMRON SINIC X in Tokyo. His interests are in robotic manipulation, factory automation and tactile sensing. He speaks German, English, French and Japanese.

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Bryan Lao

Bryan is a Doctoral Student of the Mathematical Informatics Laboratory at NAIST. He likes to take photos.

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Tetsuya Sano

I am the new student from April on 2017. I joined to this action because I want to use an English. I couldn't put contributions now(November on 2017), so I want to put more contributions.

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Lotfi El Hafi

Lotfi obtained his PhD at the Robotics Laboratory (NAIST) as a MEXT Scholar in 2017. Following his graduation, he entered the Ritsumeikan Global Innovation Research Organization (R-GIRO) as a Senior Researcher where his research focuses on emergent systems and artificial intelligence in robotics.

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Antonio Tejero de Pablos

Antonio graduated his PhD from the Vision and Media Computing Laboratory (NAIST). He currently works as a researcher at the Machine Intelligence Lab (UTokyo). His research interests are 3D computer vision, human action recognition and automatic analysis of sports video.

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Christian Laurio

Xian is a doctor course student from the Quantum Materials Science Laboratory, Division of Materials Science at NAIST. His research interests are strongly-coupled systems and nanophotonics. His hobbies are hiking, weight lifting, and bouldering.

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Jenichi Clairvaux Felizco

Jenichi is a PhD student from the Information Device Science laboratory from Materials Science Division. She likes to read books during her free time.

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Christian Mark Pelicano

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Umetsu Yoshinori

Umetsu is a M1 student of NAIST and he is a member of UBI-Lab. ( His research interests are in the areas of activity recognition using various sensors. He likes art and music.

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Shiori Yamaguchi

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Inoue Yoshitaka

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Yu Miao

Milano is a master course student of Interactive Media Design Laboratory. He speaks Mandarin Chinese, English, Cantonese and Japanese.

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Nicko Caluya

Nicko is a PhD student from the Interactive Media Design Laboratory. He likes to write, a lot. His research interests are computer graphics, interactive learning, and augmented reality.

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Pattaraporn Tulathum

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Juntao Gao

Juntao Gao is now with Mobile Computing Laboratory of NAIST. His research interests are in the areas of stochastic optimization, control theory and machine learning.

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Kibrom Desta Araya

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