Felix von Drigalski

Felix von Drigalski obtained his PhD from NAIST in 2018. He works as a researcher at OMRON SINIC X in Tokyo. His interests are in robotic manipulation, factory automation and tactile sensing. He speaks German, English, French and Japanese.

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Bryan Lao

Bryan is a Doctoral Student of the Mathematical Informatics Laboratory at NAIST. He likes to take photos.

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Antonio Tejero de Pablos

Antonio graduated his PhD from the Vision and Media Computing Laboratory (NAIST). He currently works as a researcher at the Machine Intelligence Lab (UTokyo). His research interests are 3D computer vision, human action recognition and automatic analysis of sports video.

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Tetsuya Sano

I am the new student from April on 2017. I joined to this action because I want to use an English. I couldn't put contributions now(November on 2017), so I want to put more contributions.

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Lotfi El Hafi

Lotfi obtained his PhD at the Robotics Laboratory (NAIST) as a MEXT Scholar in 2017. Following his graduation, he entered the Ritsumeikan Global Innovation Research Organization (R-GIRO) as a Senior Researcher where his research focuses on emergent systems and artificial intelligence in robotics.

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Christian Laurio

Xian is a doctor course student from the Quantum Materials Science Laboratory, Division of Materials Science at NAIST. His research interests are strongly-coupled systems and nanophotonics. His hobbies are hiking, weight lifting, and bouldering.

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Jenichi Clairvaux Felizco

Jenichi is a PhD student from the Information Device Science laboratory from Materials Science Division. She likes to read books during her free time.

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Felan Carlo Garcia

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Umetsu Yoshinori

Umetsu is a M1 student of NAIST and he is a member of UBI-Lab. ( His research interests are in the areas of activity recognition using various sensors. He likes art and music.

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Nicko Caluya

Nicko is a D2 student from the Interactive Media Design Laboratory. He likes to write a lot of haiku and eat a lot of ramen. His research interests are computer graphics, interactive learning, and augmented reality.

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Christian Mark Pelicano

Christian Mark Pelicano is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in Kyoto University. He obtained his PhD from Quantum Materials Science Laboratory, Division of Materials Science at NAIST in 2019. He likes to travel and play different sports during his free time.

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Nguessan Yves Roland Douha

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Shiori Yamaguchi

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Inoue Yoshitaka

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Pattaraporn Tulathum

Pattaraporn Tulathum is an M2 student from Robotics Laboratory. Her research interests are service robotics and mobile manipulation. Her hobbies are traveling and photography.

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Carlos Silvester

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Juntao Gao

Juntao Gao is now with Mobile Computing Laboratory of NAIST. His research interests are in the areas of stochastic optimization, control theory and machine learning.

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Kibrom Desta Araya

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Yu Miao

Milano is a master course student of Interactive Media Design Laboratory. He speaks Mandarin Chinese, English, Cantonese and Japanese.

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