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The Secret Sauce to Recycling Success

The NAIST Global Student Network (GSK) is on a mission to save the environment, and some students’ wallets along the way. The GSK reopened the Recycling Market last April 2 to 4, and we had the opportunity to have a look and a quick interview with the head of the event. Despite the many challenges, this year’s run of the Recycling Market is one of the most successful yet!

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International Friendship Meeting 2018

NAIST has a strong web of support for its 25% international student population. The annual International Friendship Meeting, is a celebration of international exchange, diverse friendships, and gratitude for everyone’s efforts to make the NAIST international community a very welcoming environment. Guests from all around Nara gathered at the Millennium Hall on January 23 to celebrate.

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Habataki Class: Would you like to learn Japanese?

Living in Japan is sometimes difficult without being able to sufficiently understand Japanese. Even though everything at NAIST can be achieved in English, learning some Japanese is still very important to integrate the local community and be independent outside the university. That is why there are several free options to study Japanese at and around NAIST, and one of them is the weekly Habataki Class.

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